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Buyers & Sellers

Our Buyer's Advantage Program

With Sunshine Properties, Inc. you get daily email updates regarding new hot listings, interest rate changes, and the all-important price reductions. These updates are sent early every morning or as something changes so you can get the jump on your competition. We work with your lender to help you find a financial package that fits your specific needs. We attend home inspections to make sure your interests are protected. We negotiate the best possible terms and conditions for the marketplace you are working on. Compare and see how we stack up. We are eager, energetic, and professional. Call us to see how we can help you find your new home.

3.95% Premium Full Service Marketing

No one can do more for you than we will and no one can do what we do at the same price. Our Premium Full Service Marketing Program is 3.95%. That's right, 3.95%! That includes full color HD virtual tours, HD digital photo packages, and HD full color glossy buyer brochures that stress the highlights of your home. Your home will be listed on the MLS and on our premium "List Hub" which displays your listing on Real Estate websites nationwide. Don't forget we also conduct the most effective open houses possible. During the open houses we are able to promote and sell your home. It's the only time we make speak to buyers face-to-face, great opportunity to "sell" your home. Compare and you may find the charges more and gives you less. Call us today for a free No Obligation Market Analysis and Marketing Presentation to find out what we can do for you and how much we can save you in commissions as well. 

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